# Spline Test

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  1. Once your TRANSLATION and HEADING PID's are tuned, you should run the spline test to make sure everything is in order.
  2. Open dashboard to make sure that it's following correctly. The bot should follow an S-shaped path and Dashboard should follow the path properly.
  3. If something goes wrong, try and go back to diagnose the problem. Hit up the FTC Discord if you're stuck.

# Hiding the tuning opmodes

The Road Runner quickstart comes with many tuning opmodes. They can clutter up the RC's opmode list quite a bit, especially when you start adding many of your own opmodes. If you are finished with your tuning process, you can hide these opmodes using the @Disabled annotation on your opmodes.

Do so by inserting the following above any of the opmode class declarations:


@Autonomous(group = "drive")
public class DriveVelocityPIDTuner extends LinearOpMode {
    public static double DISTANCE = 72; // in